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Here is War Robots Hack and war robots hack legit.

[Working] Robot Rage Gold Hack

Robot Rage gold hack.

Value: 406454193
Browser: http://goo.gl/x31KHn
Game: http://www.miniclip.com/games/robot-rage/en/
This video explains how to make free gold on robot rage. Set up cheat engine. We need to scan a value at first. Once the value is found, we will select it and copy its address. After that, we make new scan. In memory scan options, we put the copied address for START, and scan a value between 1 and 12. We search in the first 100 result addresses for addresses which are in the following order, five with value of one and finish with three with value of 12. Its important to select them and insert them, because we need to modify them. We select them again and change to the value of desired gold for levelling up. I have already levelled my account to a point where I need only one defeat to gain level. As we can see, all of the gold is legit and works for all upgrades. In addition to this video, I made hack for levels too which helps to get all upgrades easier.

Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED

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Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED
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Hey Guys! I finally was able to sit down and make this video. I’m really curious to know if you guys can notice a difference or not. I’m and uploading this video in the highest resolution possible so maybe we will see a difference! Let me know your thoughts down below!
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WRNEWS  - Talking War Robots 5 || May Week 3,2018

WRNEWS – Talking War Robots 5 (May Week 2019)


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This is 5th sequel of talking war robots,WRNEWS.War Robots News from around the community,game updates,test server,giveaways etc to keep you guys updated.
Hope this was helpful.Thanks a lot for watching the videoโค๏ธ

Thanks to Dominic M for News Section Idea and Aryan Priyadarshi for updating with giveaway news.And thanks to everyone for engaging and supporting ๐Ÿ˜€

Download War Robots




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War Robots is a game by Pixonic LLC

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OMG YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THIS FAKE!!! I have a strange liking towards BAD Fan Made and Bootleg Nintendo games, especially for the mobile device… I know MegaMan isn’t Nintendo, I can’t help but feel like Cap com abandoned Mega for their own anonymous reason and Nintendo might take him under their angle wings…. (That was a Nintendo game joke/ reference to a character)
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First of all , I want to say Happy 3rd Anniversary to War Robots ! I liked this game the first second i saw it ! I was inspired by my best friend to play this game ! Anyways , Hello Youtube , In this video , I opened a Gold Chest ! Got Aphid , but i got 200 gold remaining , so i opened 2 chests and in one of those chests I got another APHID !! AWESOMELY LEGIT !!

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Legit cheating + FUNNY MOMENTS
Legit cheating + FUNNY MOMENTS
Legit cheating + FUNNY MOMENTS
Discord Server (included configs): https://discord.gg/Gbtn5pp
I do not own any of this music shown in the video.

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